Our Strengths

Fast Order Processing

At Pacific Tackle Distribution, we ship orders quickly.  This rapid turn-around speed helps our dealers maximize sales.

Easy to Use Dealer Site

Our dealer site shows you how many units we have on hand and available to ship today.  When you order from Pacific, you know what you will get.

Saltwater & Freshwater Assortment

We offer an assortment that includes saltwater offshore, inshore, and surf fishing, as well as freshwater bass, trout, crappie. catfish and much more.

Reasonable Pricing

We work hard to keep prices low and reasonable.  

Friendly Service

We get to know our dealers well and care about their success.


Our dealers know how many (or how few) items we have available to ship.





A Few of the Brands We Stock:

At Pacific Tackle Distribution, we stock a selection of line, leader, braid, wire, reels, hooks, lures, and terminal tackle.  We are expanding our saltwater and freshwater selections.

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